This is a private event. If you want to get an invitation to the party, please register at Eventbrite. If you are not a Jumalauta member yet, don’t worry — You will be when you enter the party place.

Regular ticket 30€

With the regular ticket you’ll get access to the main party place and its amenities. This ticket does not include a sleeping place inside the partyplace.

Regular+ ticket 35€

Same as the regular ticket, but you’ll also get your own sleeping place inside the partyplace. The sleeping place will contain a mattress, blanket and a pillow. Please bring your own sleeping gear (bedsheets or a sleeping bag).

Premium ticket 55€

With the premium ticket, you’ll get all the same amenities as the regular ticket, and you’ll also get one place in a separate cabin. Because the cabin space is limited, you’ll have to share the cabin with 4-5 friendly Jumalauta members.


Payment information will be emailed to you after we have processed your registration in Eventbrite.

Register at Eventbrite