Want to organise your own compo? Great! We can help you set it up in the party system if you want entries and voting through that, but the rest is up to you. And don’t forget to enter it in the compo compo, where the best compo will win.

Game Compos

In addition to the compos listed on the Compos page and popup compos organised by our visitors, there’s probably going to be some game compos etc. TBD

Live Music

There might be some live music performances (TBD). Want to play live? Talk to us, we can make it happen.

Open Decks

Open call to all DJs. Bring your records and play some music. We’ll have plenty of empty slots in the schedule for everyone who wants to play.

We’ll have your basic 2 x Technics SL-1200 and a mixer setup. If you want to play CDs or digital, bring your own gear and we can hook it up.

Sauna and palju

What would a Finnish demoparty be without sauna and palju? Pretty much nothing.