General Compo Rules

  • All compos allow multiple entries by the same people
  • You can enter your entry in multiple compos as long as other rules apply
  • If the production can not be shown with the compo machines the author has to bring a suitable, allowed-by-the-rules machine on which the production can be shown.
  • The entry must be delivered in a ZIP archive, with descriptive filenames, so it’s 100% clear which file to show/play/run
  • You can test your productions on the compo machine before the compo
  • Party organizers have the right to publish the compo results, with your name/nick, and all the compo entries
  • Disqualified entries and entries not shown in the compo will not be spread
  • Remote entries are allowed

Jumalauta Demo

The main demo competition. The one and only Jumalauta Demo compo. Only Jumalauta demos allowed. If you’re not a member of Jumalauta, don’t worry - you will be when you arrive at the party.

The Compo

Have a wild idea for an entry that doesn’t fit in any other compo? This is the compo for it! Anything* goes, be it video, live performance, or whatever you can imagine.

*) Finnish laws may apply

Superhero Photo

Take a photo from a superhero in action and enter it to this compo right here.

Format: JPEG

Comic Strip

Draw a comic strip or a one panel comic. Will be shown on the screen during the compo. If you want you can also provide additionally a physical copy.

Format: PNG, JPEG

TV Theme

Make a theme music for a TV Show. Write your own synopsis (and remember to enter it as a screen comment when entering). Time limit is 30 seconds.

Format: MP3, common tracker formats (that can be played with XMPlay)

Committee Music

Any original music made by a committee. A committee may consist of one or more member(s) as long as all members of the committee agree on the decision.

Format: MP3, common tracker formats (that can be played with XMPlay)

Fast Graphics

You have 10 minutes to draw and enter a graphics entry. Last year’s winner will choose the theme, which will be announced when the compo starts.

Format: PNG, JPEG


Dress up and act like your favourite character (fictional or real), thing or anything else. Can be either solo or group entry. There will be a presentation where you can show your cosplay to the crowd. Music and background video are ok, but not mandatory.

Format: Live

QBasic Gamedev

Can you make the next GORILLAS.BAS? Prove it and make the most awesome game in Qbasic*. Be prepared to demonstrate your game to the crowd.

Format: BAS

*) Not QuickBasic

Compo Compo

Want to organize a popup compo? Great! Don’t forget to enter your compo to the compo compo. Let the best compo win!

Compo machine specs


  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 Gt
  • Intel Core i7-8750H
  • 16 Gt DDR4 2666 MHz
  • Windows 10


  • 180Mhz Pentium Pro
  • 64MB RAM
  • SB 16
  • Voodoo 2

Other platforms

If your entry runs on any other platform and can’t be run on an emulator, please bring your own hardware that we can hook to our AV equipment.